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14 Things Everyone Should Know About Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy.

Just when you thought that you know everything about the Kardashians, TMZ announced that the youngest of the clan, Kylie Jenner, is pregnant with her rapper boyfriend, Travis Scott. She’s 20 years old and is now officially pregnant with her first child. There’s no mistake in this headline that “Kylie Jenner is pregnant” as it’s been approved by CNN and E! News. It can now be said that a new member is coming and the Kardashian/Jenner family is growing.

She’s due in February and has been with her boyfriend since, Travis Scott, since April. Undoubtedly, Kylie will have one famous and talked about celebrity pregnancies of all time and also to mention, she has 97 million followers on Instagram alone. The world is definitely ready for the bump pictures, baby scans and the designer wears for her newborn. Take a look at these 15 facts about this shocking pregnancy.

Kylie might be Kim’s surrogate.

There is nothing impossible in the Kardashian-Jenner family. It might sound weird but there are many chances that this is true. Kim has suffered with two disturbing pregnancies which doesn’t allow her to get pregnant again. She still wants to expand her family by using a surrogate. On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian, Khloe was asked by Kim to be her surrogate. What if Kim had also asked Kylie off camera? People have been tweeting about this a lot. One even said that imagine if Kylie was Kim’s surrogate.

Tyga says he’s the baby’s father.

The famous rapper, Tyga and Kylie Jenner were reported to have started dating after her 16th birthday. They made it official at her 18th birthday when they were pictured holding hands. The relationship didn’t start off smooth as Tyga was a father of a child with Blac Chyna who was Kylie’s sister, Kim’s, ex-best friend. Rob Kardashian, Kylie’s brother, was expecting a child with Blac Chyna and you know, things got too complicated. They still appeared to be a happy couple even though there were rumors that Tyga is after her money and wanted to rinse Kylie’s bank account. They ended their relationship in May 2016.

Let’s not forget when Tyga posted a picture, on snapchat, of Kylie with devil emoji’s that said “Hell nah that’s my kid”. He soon deleted the snap which confirms that he’s not the father of her child and he’s just being bitter because he lost the chance to have a millionaire baby mama.

What if Kris Jenner is behind this all just to promote KUWTK?

Even in the start, when the news came out, many people tweeted that Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy is just another trick of Kris to gain publicity. Everyone knows that Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s viewers are decreasing as the seasons are continuing. Even Kim’s robbery in Paris didn’t really raise the viewer’s number. Kylie is definitely taking Kim’s popularity spot and so, Kris is trying to milk the dry cow.

The news was told to TMZ by someone “close” to Kylie Jenner, and it was just a few days before the 10thanniversary special show that was supposed to air on E! Channel. A fan tweeted, “Kylie Jenner pregnancy news on TMZ the day before the Kardashian 10 year special airs. Kris is a genius”. Another fan wrote, “Yes, Kris really is THAT manager”. It can be true because this is the same woman who released her daughter’s sex tape just to get publicity.

Perez Hilton has said that Kylie should get an abortion

No one should be shy when they’re in the spotlight. A celebrity blogger named Perez Hilton discussed about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy by saying, “Ring the alarm! Oh my god I needed to get on here and let you know Kylie Jenner is 99% pregnant!” He later added, “I love life, I love babies, but if I was Kris Jenner I’d tell her to get an abortion,” Then he said “Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not going to last. They’re not going to end up happily ever after. They’re having a baby and they barely even know each other.”

He then said, “My heart goes out to that poor unborn child. But from a business point of view this is great for business. It’s all sorts of crazy.” We don’t know if Kylie has read these comments and we’re not sure when Hilton ranks Kylie Jenner but surely it’s very low.

Kylie always wanted kids when she was young

Kylie has been mentioning her wish to start family early, in her early 20’s. She always wanted to be a young mother. Last year, when she was in an interview with Paper Magazine, she mentioned that she doesn’t want to start having children after she turns 30. She thinks that 30 is too late to have kids. The interviewer reminded her that two of her elder sisters, Kim and Kourtney, had children after they had turned 30. She said that both her sisters did want to have children before they turned 30. And as for Kim specifically, she wanted to have at least 2 kids before she turned 30.

Kylie loves children. She’s an aunt to 6 children in total. She also acted as an amazing step-mother to Tyga’s son.

We missed Kylie’s hint in August

Kylie has countless poses for her pictures on Instagram. As she’s most conscious about her lips, she likes to pose with her hand on her mouth. There’s also a pose which is called “The Bambi” in which you pop out your booty and give an over-the-shoulder look. Fans now think that Kylie Jenner gave a hint about her pregnancy when she posted a mirror selfie with her finger pointing her tummy.

Her pregnancy was unplanned

Since Kylie Jenner has started dating Tyga, Kris has told her many times about birth control. A source has mentioned that her 3 older sisters have warned Kylie to be very careful when it’s about being pregnant. Kylie has always looked up to her sisters and follows everything that they ask her to do. But there’s still some part of them that concerns them that she can do a mistake.

It’s so obvious that the pregnancy was unplanned. An insider has told that the family knew for quite some time now and Kylie is very excited about her pregnancy. It sure is unexpected but it’s an amazing news for her to be really excited about.

Travis has already been in bed with Kendell Jenner

Kylie is really excited about her pregnancy but we’re not so sure about her baby daddy. The 25 year old rapper, Travis, has been dating Rihanna who called Kylie “tasteless” as she hooked up with her ex that soon. Kylie and Travis were pictures together at Coachella. This was enough to show that their relationship is official.

Let’s not forget when Travis was had bedded Kylie’s sister, Kendell. According to News Hip Hop, Travis says that Kylie is better in bed and has so much more to play with but Kendell has more personality. Well, Kendell is now with ASAP Rocky. Travis has said that Kanye west was his “step father”. Well now, when Scott will have a baby with Kylie, Kanye will become his brother-in-law and their children will become cousins.

Travis and Kylie have matching tattoos

Some things, like tattoos basically, are permanent. Kylie and Travis now have matching tattoos which shows that their love will never die. On snapchat, they both showed off their butterfly tattoos which is on their ankles. This shows that nothing can be more serious. Travis also release a song which was called “Butterfly effect”. The concept behind it was that small things can have large effects.

On 12th June, another clue that can be seen is when Travis tweeted, “Legit the happiest day of my life.” In that picture, Travis and Kylie were coming out of a private jet. Many people say that this might be the day when they found out that Kylie is expecting her first child.

Her best friend, Jordyn will be the Godparent

Kylie won’t be choosing any of her sisters to be the child’s Godparent but will ask her best friend, Jordyn to do the honors. Jordyn is a plus size agency’s model and is the daughter of L.A socialite Elizabeth Woods. She’s very close to the whole family of Kylie and also attended the wedding of Kim and Kanye.

Kylie Jenner has a reality show called “Life Of Kylie”. In an episode, she said that people should know that Jordyn is more than her best friend. She considers Jordyn her girlfriend and would care for her just like she would for her girlfriend. Jordyn responded back to her love by saying that she wants to be the best of herself and Kylie helps her do that. When Kylie’s pregnancy news was out, everyone went to see her snaps but all we found there was Kylie celebrating Jordyn’s birthday.

Kylie’s been posting old pictures and you didn’t even realize

Kylie Jenner is so clever that she had the whole internet fooled and we didn’t even realize. She hid her pregnancy for four months by posting old pictures. Old selfies have helped her hide her actual weight and body which has been growing because of pregnancy. She posted a picture in which she’s showing off her midriff in a workout getup. This was taken when she was shooting for Life of Kylie in the beginning of the year. Another picture was when she was posing in her underwear from her collection and that picture was taken around 6 months ago.

She did a pregnancy prank before

Kendell and Kylie pranked the whole internet like two years ago when Kylie was with Tyga. Kendell posted a picture on Instagram which was of a positive pregnancy test captioned “I don’t care what anybody says. Congrats @Tyga”. This blew the internet and everyone started to point on teenage pregnancy. At that time Kylie had to shut the rumors by saying that people say she’s expecting since last 8 months. She’s NOT pregnant.

Her this pregnancy news isn’t fake as E! News have confirmed as they’re Kardashian-Jenner family members too.

She wanted a daughter and now she’s getting one

Whatever Kylie Jenner wants, she’ll get. According to latest rumors, Kylie will give birth to a baby girl in February. When she was asked about kids, she replied with, “I’m getting a lot of questions about kids – how many kids I want, do I want kids? I do want kids. Having sisters is the best. I have a different relationship with each of them. I go to Kim for fashion advice, Khloe is always boy and family advice, and Kourtney is like another mother to me.” She even said that if she looks at her future, she wants a ‘million’ girls.

What name would Kylie go for? Typical names like Penelope? Or unusual names like North and Dream?

She’ll leave Showbiz forever

Let’s see if Kylie sticks to what she said that she’ll leave Showbiz for good when she’ll start her family. She always wanted to leave the limelight at an early age. She told the Elle magazine that she would love to build a house with a farm in Malibu Canyon and just be around her kids. She would get rid of her phone and just live her life. Once she’ll have a kid, she won’t be on Instagram. Let’s see how much of this is true because right now, her net worth is $41 million (and a cosmetic company) and by 2022, her worth would be $1 billion.

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