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8 Origami Artists That Will Blow Your Mind with Their Work

The real meaning of Origami comes from the ancient concept – Ori meaning “folding” and the work gami meaning “paper”. It was invented in Japan in the 17th Century AD and has been used as Eastern art for many centuries. Artists from today are bring the modern touch in Origami and are reviving the tradition. It is now made by using innovative technology, new ideas and new materials.

Tapoos has listed 8 of the coolest Origami artist who have amazed us with their work. Check them out.

Sipho Mabona

Sipho Mabona is an amazing artist who knows how to play with paper and create these amazing Origami. If you look at the elephant origami seen below. You can see how talented this artist really is. This origami is made with only one piece of paper. By looking at his work, it can be seen that Mabona can create many different kinds of origami. Just like his monumental birds and Gold leaf & Acrylic on folded paper are very different.

Jun Mitani

Jun Matani has a gift in which he can change paper into unusual things. In most of his creations, we can see him transforming paper into organic forms and it’s so satisfying to watch. Jun has a different way of folding papers and changing them into various forms.

Robert Lang

Robert Lang is an Ex-NASA physicist who uses his math to create lifelike paper models. He uses paper to create animal forms which is definitely impressing us. He has a very different way of transforming paper into various animal models.

Jo Nakashima

Jo Nakashima is an origami artist who makes kinetic paper crafts. His work is so amazing and unique that it attracts everyone who sees it. The way his models are made are very different. His talent can be seen clearly in his work.

The T/Shirt Issue

Isn’t the work of T/shirt issue unique? I mean look at the work! It’s so different than any other origami artist’s work. The artist reimagined the t-shirt by using origami and his 3D elements. Let’s not forget about his creative mind because that’s behind all of the amazing work done.

Alma Haser

If you look at Alma Haser’s work, you can guarantee that you’ve never seen work of this sort ever in your life. It’s so different from every other origami artist. Her work definitely amazes us as this photographer, Alma, uses folded paper in her cosmetic surgery portraits.

Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto is an incredible origami artist whose work is also currently displayed in Mary Boone gallery and surely everyone loves the massive work. Jacob makes large-scale paper mobile work and is very unique. It’s not usually seen in other artist’s work.

Ross Symons

Last but not the least, origami artist Ross creates everyday origami and is doing a 365-day origami project which can be viewed on Instagram. His work is very basic but surely makes us like it.

What do you guys think about these origami artists and their work? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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